Cast List for Robin Hood

October, 2020



Robin of Loxley (Hood) – The Principal Boy role. Leader of the Merry Men, confident and enjoys a good old battle with the Sheriff of Nottingham. In love with Maid Marion. (M/F)


Sheriff of Nottingham – The sheriff is the archetypal baddie who plans to defeat Robin Hood and marry Maid Marion. (M)


Maid Marion – A strong, confident leading lady, not afraid of a swordfight or two. In love with Robin Hood.(F)


Nursie – (Panto Dame) Nursie is nanny/chaperone to Marion. She has the hots for Little John. Wears a little nurses’ box hat with red cross. (M)


Little John – Brusque and robust, John is Robin’s right hand man and advisor. He is the subject of Nursie’s desires, much to his dismay.(M)


Friar Tuck – A convivial gentleman whose main love is eating and drinking ale.(M)


Nosher – A Norman soldier. One of The Sheriff’s henchman. Not the brightest of individuals. (M/F)


Bosher – A Norman soldier. One of The Sheriff’s henchman. Not the brightest of individuals (M/F)


Alan A Dale – One of Robin’s Merry Men he is the jester / Buttons type role in the panto. Commonly a minstrel who can’t play the lute for toffee. He writes his own ballads. Everyone, except Nursie, dislikes his refrains. Upbeat and funny. (M/F)


Will Scarlett – One of the Merry Men, Will is a conspiracy theorist, who mocks the wearing of masks and believes the Coronavirus is a hoax. A dark character. (M/F)

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