Goldilocks Audition Pieces


Auditions are at Sacred Heart Church Hall, 5 Beaudesert, LU7 1HZ

September 4 at 2pm, Performances January 13-28


Goldilocks - Our Heroine

Tomtom - a piper's son

Auntie Septic - The traditional pantomime dame

Ray - the dim-witted son of Auntie Septic

Splinter - A royal woodsman - not that bright

Choppit - Another royal woodsman - even dafter than the other

Daddy Bear - Father of the bear family

Mummy Bear - Mother of the bear family

Baby Bear - The youngster of the bear family

Queen Bee - The villain. A wicked bee!

Barnabee, Penelobee, Buzzbee - Bee Minions

Kevin the Wasp - A wasp! 

Chorus - Village folk, animals, bears, a wolf and bee minions 

(includes a number of small speaking parts)

Here are the page numbers for the auditions:

Goldilocks 6-7, 15-17

Auntie Septic 5-7, 35-36

Ray 6-7, 34-36

The 3 Bears 18-19, 20-22

Queen Bee and her Bee Minions 8-9, 30-32

Chopper & Splinter 10-11, 28-29

Tomtom 12-13, 17-19

The audition song is George Ezra's ‘Green Green Grass’

If everyone could take a look at the song before the audition, that would be much appreciated.

Here are the pages for the auditions: