No Dinner for Sinners
A Comedy by Edward Taylor
Director Colin Aldous

Show Dates: 23-25 June 2022.


Jim Watt runs the London office of a stock exchange firm and is hosting dinner for the International Director and his wife, Bill and Nancy McGregor, members of the anti-permissive society group. As Bill strongly disapproves of unmarried couples living together, Jim asks his girlfriend, Helen, to pose as his wife for the evening. This suggestion goes down like a lead balloon and Helen walks out on him, leaving Jim with no partner, no cook and - after ringing around all of his ex-girlfriends rather unsuccessfully - only one last option: his eccentric cleaning lady, Edna, who will do the job for a fee, of course. Disaster reigns as Edna attempts to cook an elaborate dish while keeping her guests happy with “religious chat”. At an extremely inopportune moment, Helen returns to play the role of his wife, and so does his young personal assistant, Terri! A string of hilarious miscommunications unravel as Jim tries to save the situation - and his job - by trading lies and wives almost as quickly as Bill is trading shares.


Jim Watt (Businessman) - Mark Croft 

Helen Foster (Jim's Girlfriend) - Maggie Moulds 

Edna Chapman (Jim's cleaner) - Jan Delamore 

Terri Pringle (Jim's assistant) - Leila O’Connell 

Bill McGregor (Jim’s boss) - Colin Delamore 

Nancy McGregor (Bill's Wife) - Jan Murray 

Producer - Caroline Page

Stage Manager - Mike Ward   

Prompt - Barbara Springthorpe

Lighting & Sound - Dave Miles & Tom Davies 

Costume Coordinator - Sheena Ward   


We are looking for help & assistance with the following: 

Set Construction and Painting, 

Front of House Manager and helpers for the production dates 

Properties Manager – to facilitate the props needed for the show. 


If you would like to be part of the Team for this production, please call or email Colin. 

Phone: 07802 417286