The Anniversary
7th-9th April 2022

By Bill MacIlwraith



Sunday 9th January 2 - 5pm

at Sacred Heart Hall, Beaudesert, Leighton Buzzard.  


If you are interested in performing or helping backstage, please come along.

Note that you can audition for a part as soon as you become a member of the group.  



Synopsis of the Play

Mum is a formidable, scalpel tongued, possessive, cruel but charming woman. Every year since her husband died, mum's held an anniversary party. Her daughter-in-law and three grown up sons have no choice but to attend. They are completely dominated by her.  The sons work for the family business, a shoddy building company, tightly run by mum. But, at this anniversary party, the worm is turning. The youngest son is bringing a girlfriend to challenge her. Let battle commence.





Mum  -  Emotionally manipulative, cold, quick witted, cruel, but nonetheless with undeniable charm.  She controls the lives of her 3 children completely.  She enjoys making their lives a misery, when she fancies. Never afraid to use emotional blackmail.


Henry  -  Eldest son.  A peacemaker.  Lives with mum.  Tries to keep life calm.  Does not challenge mum.  Has found peace and happiness in his life by dressing in womens clothing when he can.  This is known by the entire family, but not approved of by everyone.  Reliable, quiet, composed.


Terry  -   Middle son.  Father of 5.  Married to Karen.  Always after his mum's love and approval, neither of which are forthcoming, nor likely to be.  Married to a strong woman who loves him.  However, no matter what he does, mum does not give him the love nor approval that he craves.


Tom  -  Youngest son.  He hates mum but is trapped by her.  He is neither strong enough or emotionally nimble enough to outwit mum.  His strategy is to find strong girlfriends and bring them home so they can challenge mum for him.  Cocky, daring, a bit of a lad.


Karen  -   Daughter in law.  Mother of 5.  Married to Terry.  A strong woman but no match for mum.  She loves Terry but knows that mum has more power and influence over him than she does.  However, that does not deter her from continuing to fight her for him.


Shirley  -  Tom's girlfriend.  Younger than Tom.  Loves Tom.  A decent woman who is prepared to fight for her man but unaware of the tough fight she has in front of her.  Her first meeting with Tom's family.  Tough, compassionate, reasonable.


Audition Pieces

Audition Pieces - List

Audition Piece 1

Audition Piece 2.1

Audition Piece 2.2

Audition Piece 3

Audition Piece 4

Audition Piece 5

Audition Piece 6

Audition Piece 7

Audition Piece 8.1

Audition Piece 8.2