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Treasure Island

By Jim Fowler

January 2025

Directed By Caroline Page

July 28 - Treasure Island Panto - Auditions

Come and get your sea legs ready for an exciting voyage!

14:00 - 17:00 - Sacred Heart Church Hall (Directions)

Character Synopsis​

Black Dog (M/F) 

Baddie, in charge of two incompetent pirates. His aim is to find Captains Flint’s treasure for himself

Villagers 1-2

(there may be more)

Jim Hawkins (F)

Principle boy, son of Hettie Hawkins, has the hots for Suzie but it’s not reciprocated.

Suzie (F)

Sandwich girl. Has own business selling wraps and baps. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly and finds Jim an irritant. Teams up with Hettie to deal with the chauvinist Squire and to finally battle Black Dog

Roger (M/F)

Comedy duo

Dodger (M/F)

Comedy duo

Hettie Hawkins (M)

Dame, typical panto dame, flirts with any available man, has a lot of interaction with the audience.

Blind Pew (M/F)

ex pirate from Captain Flint crew, appears visually impaired until its revealed he’s an agent of His Majesty’s Treasury and has been pursuing Black Dog for some time

Squire Trelawney

Pompous male chauvinist who has a penchant for butch sailors, a cowardly individual,

Long John Sillier: 2nd cousin to Long John Silver. Has hand puppet parrot which he badly ventriloquises, he’s convinced it’s a real parrot. Very colourful outfit, this character can have one leg or two

Captain Jack Swallow

very lively character, in Act 2 rides an out of control ostrich while cavorting across the stage

Pirates 1 & 2 (M/F)

side kick to Black Dog (small amount of dialogue)

Pirate 3, 4, 5 (F)

part of Hettie’s crew

Pirate 6 (F)

part of Hettie’s crew, smaller than the other pirates (more comedic role and more lines)

Ben Gunn

Marooned from Captains Flints ship on Treasure Island 3 years earlier.  (This is a smaller part BUT an important part and could double up as a dancer/villager)

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