Leighton Buzzard Theatre

The Leighton  Buzzard Drama Group performs at the Leighton Buzzard Theatre; a fantastic theatre venue in the centre of town  on Lake Street.  The theatre has a tiered seating capacity of up to 170, with space for a band pit for musical shows.


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Fawlty Towers

By Connie Booth & John Cleese

The hilarious television sitcom featuring the exploits of the

Basil Fawlty!

gather at their stylish country retreat for an elegant dinner party. Beautiful and affluent, they have the world at their feet.

However, a chance remark causes the guests to re-examine the mysterious events surrounding the recent death of young Martin Caplan and skeletons come crashing out of the closet to expose the darkness that lies beneath the glamorous facade.

As truths and secrets tumble out, the cost of professional and social success is laid bare.

Life will never be the same again... or will it?

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Our next production…

“Fawlty Towers”

2,4  & 9,10,11

July, 2015

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Our next auditions…

‘Duets’ by Peter Quilter

Directed by Bob Jones

Tuesday 2 June   Arden House  7.45pm, 2015

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An introduction to…

         Fawlty Towers

Dangerous Corner LBDG

The greatest TV programme ever made comes live to the Leighton Buzzard Library theatre, courtesy of the award-winning Leighton Buzzard Drama Group!

Witness the hapless escapades of the hotel manager Basil Fawlty, who brings disaster upon himself through his rather inept and manic management style. All hell frequently breaks loose as Basil tries to run Fawlty Towers whilst constantly under verbal (and sometimes physical) attack from his wife Sybil, and hindered by the incompetent Manuel; their Spanish waiter.

 You’ll meet the other famous characters including the gorgeous Polly, the downto- earth chef Terry, charming elderly ladies Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs and best of all, eccentric old colonial Major Gowen.


Coming soon to the

Leighton Buzzard Theatre…

Fawlty Towers


Connie Booth & John Cleese

 2,4,9,10,11 July, 2015

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