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Group History

The Leighton Buzzard Music and Arts Club started in April 1946 and in December 1955 split into the Arts / Photo and Drama Clubs.

Leighton Buzzard Drama Group was founded in 1956 as a place for actors, both old and new to come together and share their passion and excitement for the craft.

We strive to create a comfortable and considerate environment where everyone is free to contribute and enjoy

What We Do

The Leighton Buzzard Drama Group is a well-established amateur dramatic group, performing two or three plays and one pantomime each year in the Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre.

We aim to produce a mix of theatre that will interest all members, from works like those of Harold Pinter / Alan Ayckbourn to more fun comedies such as Blackadder 

Recent reviews in the Leighton Buzzard Observer has quoted us as being ‘one of the town’s premier drama groups’ we are proud to be moving from strength to strength with our productions.

Please click the above link to download the membership form, please fill this out and click here to send it to the membership secretary. If you are a first time member and join before the September AGM you can normally join at a reduced cost, but there after you are required to pay your membership fee every September for the coming year.

The yearly membership fee is £36 (this is subject to change at every AGM) 

Note to returning members who will be renewing their membership if you plan on auditioning for any plays for the forthcoming year you will be required to pay your full years membership.

Readthroughs & Auditions

Readthroughs will be held for each play at least 2 months in advance of the auditions.

Auditions will held at least 1 month prior to rehearsals.

Please make sure you inform the director of any times you wont be able to attend rehearsals, so he or she can make amendments to the schedule.



Mondays - The Sacred Heart Church - 8pm - 10:30pm

Wednesdays  - Gilbert Inglefield Academy - 8pm - 10:30pm

Thursdays - The Sacred Heart Church  - 8pm - 10:30pm



Anyone in the group can prompt for a show all you need to do is ask the director and see if they have found someone already, it can be a really rewarding experience and is a great way of meeting more members of the group and seeing a show for a different prospective, remember prompting is not as easy as you might think.

Get in / Get Out

The get in will be on the Sunday before the show week and the get out will be the Sunday after the last show.

We need as many members as possible to take part in this, it doesn't matter if you are directly involved in a show you will always be welcome and lunch will be provided at midday.

Theatre Week

Once we are set-up at the theatre we normally run the below schedule, please make sure you arrive with plenty of time to get yourself set-up.

Monday - Tech Run - 19:30hrs - 23:00

Tuesday - Dress Rehearsal - 19:30hrs - 23:00hrs

Wednesday - Dress Rehearsal - 19:30hrs - 23:00hrs

Please note these time are subject to change depending on the directors preferences.

NODA Reviews

NODA is the National Operatic and Dramatic Association. We have been working to help and support amateur theatre companies since 1899.

Click here to read our reviews


Having quality photographs for the group is key to being able to sell your show but also bring across the group in a professional manner.

I have taken photographs for the group over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure to meet and work with some fantastic people within the group, who always strive hard to bring their A game to the stage, that includes Actors / Set Builders / Lighting Technicians / Stage Crew or just some unsung heroes within our group.

If you are a member and would like to take photos for the group, but not sure how to and would like some help, why not speak to the Web Content and Digital Media Officer.

Group T-Shirts

Leighton Buzzard Drama Group presents it's brand new t-shirts for members to wear please speak to the Digital Media Officer to order your new t-shirt, these cost £15 each and are a great way to promote the group, your play or pantomime and shows us in a professional light, the committee would love for you all to wear yours in with pride at rehearsals.

Annual General Meeting

Every September we hold our Annual General Meeting, this is a good chance for every member to be in the same place at the same time, meet new members, see how we have been doing for the year, see the year ahead see how the group is doing and help develop the group moving forward.

We would like as many members to turn up to the AGM.

Set Designer and Stage Crew

Mike Ward and Colin Delamore are our go to stage designers and stage crew, they are always on hand up at the barn and are always keen on any extra help that we can give them, if you are interested in helping out why not let us know.

Lighting and Sound Technicians

Dave Miles / Tom Davies and Emma Leigh Ayre are our resident Lighting and sound Technicians, we are very reliant on this team they are amazing at what they do and we always appreciate the work they put into every show.

Committee Role Profiles

Below is the Role Profiles for the committee, if you are interested in joining the committee or would like to know who does what, please click the below links.

Colin - Chair - in post since Sep 2017

Barbara - Vice Chair - in post since Sep 2018

Ann- Secretary

Sheena - Treasurer

Gina - Play Selection - in post since Sep 2018

Andy - Web Content & Digital Media Officer - in post since Sep 2015

Deryn - Production Assistant - in post since Sep 2017

Sam - Membership Secretary - in post since Sep 2017

Mike - Property Manager

Ben - Social Secretary - in post since Sep 2017


This will show the previous productions 1956 - 2019

Please note that any expenses for a show must have prior agreement from the director.

Any expenses not agreed may not be reimbursed.  

All expenses should be forwarded either to the director, producer or Treasurer.

Ensure you attach all the relevant receipts to the expense form, and write on the form what the expense is for.

Please click above link for our current policy

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