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Alice in Wonderland

Panto January 2024
Alice in Wonderland 

11th - 27th January 2024 - Tickets on sale!


When Alice pops into the local wood for a cosy snooze, she finds herself confronted with a pesky white rabbit, who leads her into a completely bizarre world - a world with a very unpleasant Queen, a completely Mad Hatter enjoying a tea party, and Nursie who has been ordered to prepare the queen’s dinner!

To make matters worse, the white rabbit is being pursued by an evil rabbit hunter, and then when the queen’s jam tarts go missing, Alice becomes the prime suspect! Will she get a fair trial and find her way home?

Big Alice, small Alice; Who indeed is Alice? Hopefully we’ll all find out in Leighton Buzzard Drama Group’s version of Alice in Wonderland, penned by Jim Fowler (Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood).

This year there will be a Relaxed Performance (11th January). This performance is suitable for those who may find it difficult attending our regular performances. So lights will be left slightly on, the band will be quieter, there will not be any flashes or bangs and the foyer doors will be open so that the audience can come and go into the foyer and bar if they need some space and quiet.

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